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An Introduction

Hello everyone! My husband has been suggesting that I start doing this for quite a few years now I finally did it :) I won't try to come up with something profound for my first blog post but just give you a little information about myself and what I hope to accomplish by blogging about estate planning. As some of you may know, my law practice focuses almost exclusively on the area of estate planning, or in more common terms, wills, trusts and some probate work. Let's be honest, planning for disability and death isn't most people's favorite topic of conversation. Many people put off creating an estate plan for many years because they just don't want to think about it. For that reason, I am proud of any client who makes the step to prepare an estate plan for their family. It is a big decision, whether you are thirty-two and having your first child, or eighty-two and facing a health crisis. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing my clients achieve the peace of mind that comes with completing their estate plan. After I meet with clients to sign their estate planning documents, a very frequent comment I hear is "wow, I feel so good that we did this." And that is really is my goal; that every client leaves feeling completely satisfied that I listened to their needs, answered their questions, explained the right plan for them and prepared documents that reflect their desires for their family's future. I hope to use this blog to provide timely and practical advice to those seeking to learn more about estate planning. Being an estate planning attorney is equal parts lawyer and counselor. While a large part of my role is to know the law and advise my clients accordingly, I also strive to give common sense advise when helping my clients make important decisions about their future. Well, thanks for reading my first blog post! I'll be back soon with more.....

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